Tuesday Reviews

Greetings and welcome to Tuesday Reviews.

Tuesday Reviews (i.e Book Review Tuesdays) is a new blog series where I’ll review both published books and ARC copies getting ready to be released to the world. So, confession time: I’ve stayed away from reviewing books for awhile because I’ve been buried under my own writing. But after some sage advice from the amazing Katie McCoach, I’ve decided it’s time to start. Below, you’ll find information on how I’m going to review and what I’ll review.

What I’ll review:

The obvious answer is: books I love. There’s a conversation going on in the book blogger world about why people talk about books they hate, and should it even happen. I’m of the opinion that if I love a book, I want both the author to know it, and I want others who read in a similar field to know. Let’s talk about the books we love. As far as age categories and genres go, here’s what you can expect:
 Science Fiction
 Romance + Historical or one of the above

That’s it. These are my favorite areas to read. However, I’ll also concede that I will review critique partner ARCs (or writers I know) in any age category or genre. I can think of two already who have YA novels that are STELLAR and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see them.

There’s probably one other thing I should mention. I like my books dark. Darky darky darkity dark. Explosions, sword fights, gore, sexuality (erotica okay). If it’s dark and weird, chances are I’m going to be glued to the page. Light-hearted stuff is okay, too, but I’m a total sucker for dark worlds, dark themes, and especially dark heroes and villains. ^_^

Side Note: If I DNF a book, I’ll leave a star or two on Goodreads/Amazon with a quick note. This links back to: if I don’t love it, why promote it?

How I’ll review:

I’ve been writing a lot of edit letters to my critique partners lately, and I’ve learned to spot problem areas pretty quick. Although all stories are subjective, I’ll never be cruel toward an author or a book. It takes a LOT of work to put each and every story together, and I respect that immensely. Instead, I’ll be sure to call out problem areas that probably needed a touch more refinement.

Here’s the format:

 Why I picked up this book.
 Cover + Blurb
 Rating (Green Stars)
 What I loved
 Areas needing a touch of refinement

Want me to review your book?

If it falls in one of the above ADULT categories (fantasy, science fiction, romance + historical/fantasy/science fiction – erotic okay) please feel free to reach out with a pitch for your book and I’ll consider it. Chances are if you write what I read, we need to be friends anyways.

If in doubt, take a peek at what I’ve reviewed so far.

That’s it, folks! 🙂

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