The Learning Curve

Knowledge doesn’t come easy, or all at once.

If you’re someone that roots through conspiracy theories looking for a grain of truth, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Every day that I work on these stories, I find that same principle holds true. Today, as I was looking at one of my manuscripts, I discovered yet another little word gem that could be fixed. While technically the word is correct, it’s not a best practice. So here I am again with the find/replace button looking for every instance of this word to clean up the nuances.

But back to the topic: the learning curve. Life, hobbies, careers, it’s all a learning curve. Every day brings new knowledge, a better way to do a task—I especially find this true with writing code—and a new perspective on the ebb and flow of skills.

I suppose this post is more encouragement to anyone out in the universe who smacks their head on my sidewalk here. Don’t let the minor roadblocks slow you down, even if there’s too many. Tackle each one, learn from it, and keep moving forward. 🙂