Standing At The Crossroads

A crossroads can be a tricky place. Which way do you go? What if one path is blocked? Do you have a plan?

Before I set out on my PitchWars adventure, I had a plan. I knew what I wanted, where I wanted to go, and what personal goals needed to be accomplished. For the most part this plan has worked out, a few goals were accomplished, and I even landed  in a few surprises along the way.

With the list reveal only days away, I find myself standing at a crossroads now. And guess what? I have a plan. Okay, I have many plans.

  • What happens if I get chosen as a mentee? That one’s easy. I squeal in excitement, read my edit letter, go through whatever feels I need after reading, and then get to work on my submission piece, Secrets of Sgådnor. Which, by the way, I don’t think anyone has realized yet has an anagram in the title. If you have, bravo! Most haven’t… so much for trying to be clever.
  • What happens if I don’t get chosen as a mentee? Well, that one’s easy too. I’ve got my other completed novel, Bloodflower, all locked and loaded to get a full ripping apart.

I knew the waiting part would be interesting. I’ve kept myself busy in many arenas, been sick, and spent a lot of time in the sun playing with the kids.

What I did not expect was to feel the itch to tackle both stories at once. I picked at one a bit. Picked at the other. Tried to work on a third story to get it further along (did some world-building, which was fun), but now I’m plain antsy. I’m ready to get dirty again, really dirty.

Thankfully, the lovely MK England posted a nice little homework assignment. I’d done the filler words before the submission window opened, but the stakes & goals coupled with word counts is something I hadn’t tried yet. I’m currently digging into this for my submission piece, and will do this as well for all future projects.

So… yeah. I’ve got some work ahead of me, but I’ve already made a brand new Scrivener copy of the story and I’m ready to dig in. Whether it be in the next week or after Bloodflower is further along, I’m getting that piece ready for when I do take the plunge.

Crossroads can be tricky if you have nowhere to go. But if you know both paths will lead you somewhere cool, it can be tough to wait for the gates to open on one or the other.

Until then, I’ll be patiently doing my homework, cheering on my CPs, and hoping that magical cleaning fairies will visit my house. Seriously… someone send the fairies.

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