Secrets of Sgådnor

Title: Secrets of Sgådnor
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Length: 98,000 words
Status: Complete & Polished


Protecting her lost son means Kinra Hallisett must bond with a dragon, but first she needs to survive a war between the king and his brothers.

Hunted by the tyrannical Evran Dunrok, a man known for his cruel torture of women, twenty-three-year-old Kinra sets out across the desert wastelands to find her missing son before Evran does. When his hunters track her down, Kinra’s imprisoned in the city of Sgådnor where she uncovers a devastating secret: the dragons have broken their pact to defend the mountain barrier—a wall of steel and stone that holds back an ocean capable of destroying all human lands. There Kinra comes face to face with King Darian, a man desperate to wield the ancient power of healing fire, and the only human left safeguarding the wall. When he discovers Kinra’s a slave to his half-brother, Evran—the man who murdered his mother—Darian plots a deception that entangles them all in a decades-old blood feud for control of the western throne.

But inside the city lurks another threat: a banished queen and her mysterious son who will do anything to unlock the magic of Kinra’s blood and tear down the mountain wall. Now Kinra must make a pact with Darian, reuniting humans and dragons to guard the barrier, or sacrifice herself to their enemies to protect her son—knowing either choice will forever divide them.

Pride & Prejudice meets Eragon in this twisted tale of revenge and sacrifice, a three POV adult fantasy following the slave, the king, and the banished queen’s mysterious son intent on destroying them both.


Last updated: 2 July 2016

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