#RevPit 2017 – #RevMyBio

Hi 🙂

Welcome to the #RevPit 2017 Editee Hopeful Blog Hop.

We are not officially on staff or behind the scenes of the Twitter Pitch Contest: Revise & Resub.

However, we are a list of #RevPit hopefuls banding together to have a blog hop and torture the lovely editors with words about ourselves and our forthcoming submissions. If you don’t know what #RevPit is, check out the official website here, or stalk the editors here, and don’t forget to hang out on the Twitter hashtag: #RevPit.

How the Blog Hop Works

1. Create a post on your blog and tell us about yourself, or your book. Make it dark, make it fun, show us your stuff.
2. Use the linky widget below to upload/link your post.
3. Follow other mentee hopefuls (and the editors) on Twitter and make friends.

Disclaimer: This is NOT MANDATORY. The bios are all about fun and getting to know other hopefuls. And maybe letting the editors stalk us a bit.

I’ve you’ve never done a BioBlogHop before, check out Lana Pattinson’s 2016 #PimpMyBio Blog Hop and see what others were doing.

Good luck and have fun! 🙂

NOTE: I’m going to apologize for the bright blue link. The color’s in the inline css on Linky’s end. Boo. I’m now blind.

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  • Dominic  says:

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your site!

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