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Welcome to Hàlön Chronicles! Home of dragons and spaceships (soon in a novel together), swords and sorcery.

I currently reside in the misty woods and mountainous terrain of the Pacific Northwest, but longing for blue waters and summers filled with warmth and sunshine. Most of my days are spent arguing with my characters, drinking Great Gatsby cocktails, and falling down conspiracy rabbit holes. Though I imagine someday my life might look something like this.

Taming of the Shrew meets Eragon in this twisted tale of revenge and sacrifice, a three POV adult fantasy following a castoff daughter, a lonely king, and a vengeful captain desperate to recreate magical healing fire.

This blend I created tells a lot about the world my main characters live in (click to enlarge). The image shows the feel of my story, right down to the mechanical gears underlying everything.. 🙂

But who cares about the main characters. Let’s talk about dragons. ^_^

This is Ohmva.

He’s about 40 years old and the size of a house, but he’s fiercely protective of King Darian. He lives across the wall with his kin, and is bound by the laws of his land to only have contact with the king. Ohmva’s body is sinewy leather and muscle surrounded by a bony exoskeleton. When his fire is dimmed, he looks like a flying bone bag. But, once the flames ignite in his belly, they travel up his throat and down his tail, illuminating blue fire through the joints and gaps in his bones. Ohmva’s kin all have the same body structure, but each of their fires is a different color–orange, indigo, amber, etc. Their race is highly intelligent, very pretentious, and they follow a dictatorship under the rule of Grànga.

These are firesliders.

They’re only about the length of your hand, and twist through the air like worms. Used as a form of communication, firesliders can carry a message from one person to another across great distances. When they find the recipient, they burst into red flame and the message originator’s voice speaks through them. Once it’s delivered, they burst into ash.

Meet Zykod.

She’s the only one of her kind. Ten thousand years ago she lost her lover to the worlds beyond the Well of Arånor. Since then she’s been alone, the last of her species. Zykod is as large as a city with scaled, leathery skin over her skeleton. While highly intelligent, her body is more akin to a whale, making her a water dragon. However, someone with powerful magic pulled her from the seas to cross a thousand miles of barren wasteland. The trip has left her sick, exhausted, and her body is slowly collapsing in on itself.

This is a siren.

These are some of the nastiest creatures. Extremely smart and loyal to their masters, sirens are one of the few dragons who can bond easily with a human. The connection between the two creates shadow magic, twisting both human and dragon into dark, devious, manipulative creatures. Roughly the size of a house at full growth, they’re one of Arånor’s smaller dragons with black leathery hide. Their fires burn red and hot, and one blast from a siren will turn most living creatures to ash. Including some dragons.

Well, that’s it for the dragons in my story. Many more reside in the Arånor universe, but their tales lie beyond the Well of Worlds. Each story in this universe chronicles a different world and a different cast of characters, and I can’t wait to one day bring them all to light.

If you want to know more about me, you can hang around the site or read my interview here. There’s also my professional work, Winterviews project or just stalk me on Twitter and Facebook.

You may also find me in the nearest dumpster setting fire to another round of edits, or waging war against the s’s revolution (s’ for life). I’m always up for chatting about dragons, spaceships, swords, or the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow. Whatever fits under Adult Science Fiction, Fantasy or hardcore nerding.

You can also check out my CPs Murder Crows Thievin’ Ring bios: A. J. Super & Glen Delaney.

Addendum: Aaaand, since it was encouraged somewhere on the #PitchWars feed, I’m gonna assault you guys with more dragons by sharing my novel aesthetics (click to enlarge). 🙂


If you enjoyed reading this, or wish to run away screaming as you pour acid on your eyes (hey, I don’t judge), check out the other amazing bios on Lana Pattinson’s #PimpMyBio. Also, be sure to get all the details about PitchWars.

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4 comments to #PimpMyBio – K. J. Harrowick

  • Brian Work  says:

    Definitely intrigued by your world. I love the idea behind the firesliders. Good luck!

    • K.J. Harrowick  says:

      Thanks Brian! I loved reading your bio as well. The theatre work is amazing. Good luck to you, too! 🙂

  • S.M. Roffey  says:

    Can’t wait to read more! #PitchWarsASFF!

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