Pimp My MCs Bio – PitchWars 2016

My name is Kinra.

I’ve been sold, tortured and mutilated. Now I’m hunted by a vicious man, Evran Dunrok, who’s just purchased me from my uncle.

But I have a secret: a son. He’s nearly two now. The first time I held him, just minutes after he was born, was also the last.  He was taken away, but the glowing crescent on my wrist tells me he’s still alive alive. If Evran discovers his whereabouts, we’re both dead.

Physical Description: I’m average height and build, with red hair and green eyes. Nothing special whatsoever. Scars cover almost thirty percent of my body. The ones around my wrists and ankles are the same color as my skin, bronze. However, the scars across my back are black and spell out a message for the King of Sgådnor, one that will start a war between nations for control of the western throne.

Nationality: Hesran. I look human, and I can breed with them, but my blood is different. I can bond with a dragon, which means together we can create magic.

Personality: Hostile. I’ve been a slave most of my life. Two lessons were learned early on: no one cares, and no one will save you. When my son was born, something in my personality snapped. I have to survive, but I’ve never learned the arts of basic social etiquette. Instead, I snuck away and watched sword fighters in the streets, mimicking their movements in the hopes that I could learn their skills. Two years have passed and I can defend myself, but I haven’t killed anyone. If they touch my son, all of that will change.

Where I Am Now: My son was placed with an older couple on a farm in the country. Three weeks ago they disappeared. Furious that they’ve stolen him, I’ve run away from my new master. Now I need to cross the barren wastelands to get to my boy, but there’s a few problems.

I’m about to meet:

  1. A King who thinks he owns me.
  2. A dragon terrified to disobey his leader.
  3. A city I care nothing for; one with a deadly secret that could destroy me and my son.


  • I’m hunted by Evran Dunrok and his henchmen.
  • What follows them across the wastelands is even deadlier and will kill us all.

The only thing I want is my son and a safe place to watch over him. Even if it costs me the last shred of dignity I possess.



Note: There are no tigers in this story. If there are, those sneaky bastards haven’t revealed themselves yet.

Image credit: desktopnexus.com