Are You Ready to Pitch?

With the holidays over and spring thaws happening, I tend to think of this time of year as the start of pitching season. Agent inboxes are open, yearly budgets are restocked again, and publishers and looking to get their hands on some crafty new stories. If you’re like me, you’re probably sitting on a pretty polished manuscript ready to pull up query tracker and yell “bombs away!”

Story: Last year I put all my spit and polish on a manuscript I was pretty damn proud of. But (dot dot dot) I knew there was something missing. Something I couldn’t quite pin down with any accuracy. I entered #PitchWars, got a request, but didn’t make it into the final round. Best thing that ever happened...

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#RevMyBio – K. J. Harrowick

Hi there 🙂

Let’s talk about Dragons. Because, why not? But first, here’s a little bit about who I am:

I’m a novel writer from the Pacific Northwest. Fantasy and Science-Fiction are my bread and butter. Wait… let me rephrase that. ADULT Fantasy and Science-Fiction are my woobie. While I’ve been known to read everything from tech articles to Jane Austin, my true passion is in dark, gritty stories exploring the boundaries of morality and the human psyche.

So, needless to say, I write adult books – sex, magic, swords & spaceships. My characters tend to be older, emotionally (and sometimes physically) tormented, with lives that they’ve already lived, and destroyed. These stories are about second chances, sometimes even third and fourth...

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#RevPit 2017 – #RevMyBio

Hi 🙂

Welcome to the #RevPit 2017 Editee Hopeful Blog Hop.

We are not officially on staff or behind the scenes of the Twitter Pitch Contest: Revise & Resub.

However, we are a list of #RevPit hopefuls banding together to have a blog hop and torture the lovely editors with words about ourselves and our forthcoming submissions. If you don’t know what #RevPit is, check out the official website here, or stalk the editors here, and don’t forget to hang out on the Twitter hashtag: #RevPit.

How the Blog Hop Works

1. Create a post on your blog and tell us about yourself, or your book. Make it dark, make it fun, show us your stuff.
2. Use the linky widget below to upload/link your post.
3. Follow other mentee hopefuls (and the editors) on Twitter and make friends.

Disclaimer: This is NOT MANDATOR...

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Winterviews Wrap-Up

Happy Spring! 🙂

The warmer weather’s on its way here, and that means Winterviews is officially over for the season. A humongous THANK YOU to all the interviewees, partners and spotlight guests for their time and dedication in this project. You guys are seriously the best!

A second huge thank you to all the people who stopped by and gave a few minutes of their time to read about these authors and artists. Readers and commenters are always welcome on my site.

If you missed out on any of the fun, be sure to visit our Winterviews 2016-2017 page and see what everyone’s working on. Or meet the authors and artists directly by checking out their blog sites or Twitter feeds:

A.J. Super | A.Y. Chao | Christopher Woolf | Dianna L. Gunn | Ian Barnes | Jennifer Galambos | Kaelan Rhywiol | M.A...
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Winterview with Poet Jennifer Galambos

To celebrate 13 weeks of winter, Hàlön Chronicles will be conducting one interview a week for 13 weeks. Join us on the hashtag #13Winterviews, or check out our right-side blog hop to sneak a peek at all the wonderful authors and artists I’ll be interviewing in the coming weeks.

Hosted by: K. J. Harrowick

Without further ado, Blood Lines Author & Poet: Jennifer Galambos.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. First poem ever written walking home from elementary school:

Every step you take is a mile for a rock
They can’t move
Cause they got no groove

Total work of genius. That being said, writing has always been my anchor. I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to, or I would lose something too valuable about the core of who I am.

A c...

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