Finding Inspiration

Sometimes all it takes is a quick search, a few lovely images, and suddenly your brain is alive with ideas.

While my stories do come purely from the nether-regions of my brain, I’ll admit there are times where I can see what I’m trying to say in my head, but still need something solid and similar to look at. It helps put into perspective the finer details of what I’m trying to create, as well as see who out in the universe might be thinking along the same parameters.

In this spirit, I’ve decided to use the banner space above to show inspirational imagery from artists around the globe whose work is currently inspiring my own. Please note, any images used will be done so under fair use (i.e. like pointing out to friends something that catches my eye while window shopping)...

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Pacing a Novel

Ever been in the rewrite phase of your novel and think “who would ever read this shit” while you bang your head repeatedly on your desk?

^Me… right now.

Over the course of the last several years I’ve discovered that my writing (when I’m laying down the first pass) has a couple major flaws:

  1. I’m a repeating Randy. Yes, I admit it. I just drop words and have a horrible knack of using the same ones over and over – sometimes even in the same sentence.
  2. I get bored writing my own scenes (even if they’re necessary). At that point I stop, write a couple notes, then go “skip!”
  3. I absolutely suck at pacing.

The first two I can live with since everything gets rewritten anyways. The last? Not so much. So many stories I’ve read in the past fall down on this issue so I know I’m not alone. *cough*(Sp...

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Genorä & Welcome to Daily Cup o’ Coffee 🙂

The first day of fall draws nearer. The rains have come and in my kitchen there’s a strong smell of pumpkin pie spice which – let’s be honest – makes me crave all those yummy, warm foods that come with the season.

Instead of eating though, I’ve got a warm cup of coffee in my hands, a soft blanket over my legs, and a head full of utter nonsense. 🙂

For those who have found their way to my little corner of the world, feel free to grab a cup of coffee and stroll through the halls. I’m a writer, developer, designer, gardener, and mother of some very rambunctious little monkeys. I’m also a dog lover, so that one person out there in the universe – you know who you are – stop sending me cat videos. Please?

Feel free to poke around my blog as much o...

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