Organizing Your Creative Life

I’d love to say that this happens at the beginning of every week right before I dive into a giant pile of <s>leaves</s> work. Nope, not even close. Every morning, as I curl up around my coffee and try to tune out the incessant early morning kid whining (we are not morning people in my house), I have to reorganize my life. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes four, but every day brings new things to do.

A few weeks ago though, I realized that the story ideas were generating again. I had several stuck in my head, not to mention each work in progress was at a different level of completion. So, I created a list of every novel (or idea), where it was at on the completion level, what it was/should be about, and a few other minor details.

Man, talk about a lifesaver. I now have a single comprehensive guide to all of the writing work I’m generating. The best part? I didn’t realize till afterward that if an agent ever asks what else I’m working on… boom. It’s all there, in a quick outline. It’s something I can quickly attach to an email, or print out and hand over (after I edit the bad grammar of course).

I highly recommend that anyone else with several works in progress, draw up a quick guide for yourself. Especially if you’re like me and leap from project to project on a consistent basis. Maybe I should create a quick-guide outline and stick it somewhere on the site. *adds to list o’ stuff*

Now I need to go organize my next 48-hours. Rush job on a promotional email, and #PitMad contest all coalescing together – though one is not in any way attached to the other. So glad about that.:P

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