Oh I Love My Fuzzy Monsters

Hi all! 🙂

I got an awesome request this morning to show off my timber wolf baby. Thank you April Benedetti!

So, without further ado, puppy love. 😛

This is Sadie.


Full name: Sadie Elora Harrowick

Age: 7 years old

Born: On Cherokee Ridge Ranch in Washington. They used to have a beautiful website but it’s been down for a few years otherwise I’d be linking them for sure. Sadie’s mama was 70% Arctic Timber, 30% Alaskan Husky and pure white. She was supposed to be paired with a dark gray brindled Malamut, but ended up accidentally pregnant before that. They believe the papa was a golden lab, but aren’t a hundred percent certain.

Only three puppies were born in the litter, two gold females and a black male. At five weeks old Sadie was pushed out of the litter. Though she was really too young to leave, mama wouldn’t nurse her anymore, so she ended up in my arms. Then on my bed. Yes, she’s a bed hog.

Sadie is golden with a white underbelly. Her right eye is brown, and her left eye is blue. I snagged this photo a few minutes ago, but she had the sun glaring at her so it’s a bit difficult to see.


She weighs in at fifty pounds, short-haired, and on her nose you can see the mottled dual coloring of skin. She also has a white streak up her nose but it’s tough to see in bright lighting. Her tail, however, is somewhere between short and medium length hair, brindled with grays, blacks and golds. She also has a streak of this running along her back, which is more typical for curs.

When she was three, she had her first and only litter of puppies. Again, we were going to breed her with a Malamut or a Husky. <sigh> Harley (our other baby) got to her first. Here’s Sadie and her babies. She was one tired mama after that labor.


She had a litter of eight pups, though we lost one almost immediately to a cleft palate. The other seven became utter monsters. By eight weeks, they were howling at 5am every morning. All those babies are somewhere in Texas, and most ended up as farm dogs.

This is how Sadie spends her afternoons. Back to me, ears back, and on top of the picnic table. She has a love of elevated spots to lay, or sunny corners to curl up and nap. She’s a farm dog, and stubborn as hell. She also has a true pack personality, so I always have to be both mama and alpha. But boy does she love to cuddle.




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