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K.J. Harrowick

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I am a novel writer from the Pacific Northwest. Fantasy and Science-Fiction are my bread and butter, so Earth life is left far behind when I put pen to paper fingers to keyboard. Much of my passion with writing has gone into world-building, character development, and fantastical languages. And, like many writers, part of my world revolves around coffee. Caribou, to be exact.

Published works: Zero. Okay, so I did have an article published on Allrecipes.com years ago (which only shows up around the winter holidays). I also have web-published RPG guide books (collective projects), and this blog site.

However, I do have 9 manuscripts in various stages of completion. SECRETS OF SGÅDNOR is complete and polished, but in need of some final tweaks. BLOODFLOWER is deep in the editing trenches and I hope to have it completed, critiqued, and polished by summer hahaha… someday?

The other projects will likely be put in a hat and picked at random when I have the time, though I have had a request to get TIMESLIP ready… so maybe? >.<

What I write: Fantasy and Science-Fiction doesn’t quite cover it. These are only the genres.

I write adult books – sex, bloodshed, magic, let’s get dark and twisted. I love a good adventure, but to be honest I do not like coming-of-age stories. My characters tend to be older, emotionally (and sometimes physically) tormented, with lives that they’ve already lived, and destroyed. These stories are about second chances, sometimes even third and fourth. Characters who had happiness (or not) and were plunged into a darkness out of their control.  It’s about the fight to regain their humanity and recover some small portion of themselves, but ultimately become smarter, stronger, and ideally change the world around them just a little bit.

How I eat: Professionally, I’m a web developer. Every day I climb into a pool of web code and sort it out, or write it, or just glare at it for a really, really long time. I also create book covers, email media, and ponder the global implications of title case vs. sentence case. I’m currently part of a marketing team that works with both local and global brands from food and toothbrushes, to authors and burlesque dancers. Every project is unique, but at the end of the day I get to put real food in my mouth. That’s a huge bonus.

Loves of my life: Husband, kids, dogs and fish take front and center, despite the clichéness of it. There you have it, my family always comes first. But… when they fall out of orbit and give me a few feet of breathing room, I do have other things from this planet I adore:

Favorite book: The Eyes of Light and Darkness – Ivan Cat, Darren Survari

If I could fill an entire bookshelf with stories written by Ivan Cat, I would. Unfortunately, this author has only written two (under this pen name – if he has other books in the universe, I haven’t tracked them down yet). #stalker This book is one of the few I couldn’t put down. It brings science fiction, horror, and archaeology together in such a beautiful blend and I’ve never seen its equal. So, if you’re still out there in the universe, Ivan, I hope those words are flowing. Your dark and twisted mind is a beautiful thing.

Favorite childhood book: Iron Cage – Andre Norton

Another beautifully-crafted story that’s a bit dark and twisted. Are you starting to see how my mind works? Luckily, I can fill a bookshelf with Norton’s works. Of all the stories I’ve read of hers (and I haven’t yet read them all), this one was by far my favorite in the early years. I haven’t picked it up in a really long time, though, so I think I should add it to my to be read list.

Favorite Indie Author: E.R. Mason

I’ve read a lot of self-published books, and shied away from a lot as well. Mason’s stories follow characters Adrian Tarn and R.J. Smith, and are a fun, witty, and fantastic read. This author-pilot has a knack for bringing fantastical worlds to life, and creating characters so enticing that I’m always on the lookout for his next book.

Favorite asshole: Jeremy @ CinemaSins

*sigh* I don’t even remember how I stumbled across his YouTube channel, but so many procrastinating hours of my life are just gone. Forever. I can’t even watch a movie anymore for pure enjoyment as I sit there sinning it all the way through. I even sin my own books as I write them. But seriously, if you have not seen a movie sinned, go to YouTube, type in “cinemasins” and watch the hours of your life just drift away on the wind. You might even laugh so hard you pee yourself.


See? Even now I’ve lost the direction I was going on my author bio page.

Anyways, I’m just a regular person (human, to be exact). I’ve dabbled in drawing, painting, track & field, gardening, glass collecting (think washed up glass on the beach), horse training, cooking, traveling, and blogging.

My truest loves (apart from the family – #goodwifeawardhere) are world building, creating fictional languages, and immersing myself in an exotic world so unbelievable I want to believe it exists – either in this universe or the one on the left there. Don’t bother with the one on the right. You’ll be sorry.