Design Gallery

This is a gallery of both commercial work and off-hand manipulations I was toying around with. Feel free to click on any of them to view the larger size. 🙂

Book Covers (Commercial)

Mirabelle - Max W. Miller   The Gordite Witch - Max W. Miller   Dream Boyfriend - Max W. Miller   Return - Max W. Miller

Book Covers (Non-commercial)

These are deigns I played with for fun. None of these books are in print, and the second and third are only manipulations. I do not own the original stock.
Gravity's Heir - Sara Bond   Fractured Timelines   Dream Boyfriend - Max W. Miller

Banners (Commercial)

Enforcer - K. J. Harrowick               

Banner Design (Non-commercial)

These manipulations are simply for fun and learning. Background imagery and fonts are licensed to use (on the top row). Celebrity faces are used at character faces for RPG.


Logos (Non-commercial)

These were also part of an RPG project.

If you stumble across this site and feel any of these images have been used in error, please feel free to send me a kind note.

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