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A few months ago, one of my amazing critique partners started a new blog series called: Characters in the Cosmos. The series conducts interviews with science fiction and fantasy characters just coming to life (or perhaps already out in the universe) in wonderful, creative ways. To learn more about Characters in the Cosmos, I’ve invited A. J. Super to stop by for a spotlight interview and introduce us to her project.

1. You’re doing this fantastic new blog series called Characters in the Cosmos.
Will you tell us about it?

Characters in the Cosmos is a blog series interviewing characters in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and other Speculative Fiction books written by community writers. It’s a pretty simple idea for writers to explore their characters in a fun and safe environment, and to show them off a little.

2. What was the inspiration that sparked the idea?

I wanted to support the community and give SFF and Spec Fic writers another platform to play on. It’s a great way to get their books and characters seen and to experiment with characterization, whether they are just writing, querying, or published. And if anyone reading this is interested in being a part of it, please feel free to contact me via the Twitter-verse! I’m always up for new participants.

3. Have you found any interesting trends with the articles?

Not really. I’ve had everything from vampires and politicians dealing with unknown viruses to magical fae princesses cum bartenders and super-powered ninja-styled fighters. Not to mention the sword and sorcery and space fantasy and opera characters that have graced the blog. People are really creative! I’ve even had a few people write short stories that are fantastic explorations of character.

4. Do you have plans for any future blog series?

I just kinda take it a day at a time, where the inspiration drives me. If a blog tickles me, I’ll write it. If a series inspires me, I’ll start it. So, at this point, I’ll run Characters in the Cosmos until there doesn’t seem to be community interest in participation, and after that, who knows what will come to me!

5. All right, so you’re a writer – I know because I’ve texted you at 3am demanding more pages. What story are you currently working on?

I’m working on a Space Pirate Opera thingy that I’ve titled Erebus Dawning about a pirate named Nyx Marcus who infiltrates the space ship Thanatos in search of a weapon of mass destruction, but when that weapon turns out to be an AI who spreads through technology, she must find a way to convince it that human life is sacred while evading the mutineer who killed her father and a power-hungry queen, both on the hunt for the AI.

6. Any words of wisdom for newer writers who are tackling their first stories or stepping into the pool of Writerverse?

First, find yourself some good Critique Partners. CPs are your life’s blood when you start editing. They will get you going in the right direction when you have no idea where to start. Second, learn how to say, “thank you sir, may I have another!” when it comes to critiques. I know there are assholes out there that are just mean and you need to learn how to differentiate them from the good critiquers, but once you find the good ones, you need to just say “thank you” for your critique. All good critiques are valid. The critiquer felt a certain way for a reason, and you, as a writer have a responsibility to take what is said under advisement. You don’t have to use it, of course… But you do have to take it seriously. Three, learn how to arc a story. You have to have needs and wants. The need is the through-line, the thing the character isn’t aware of (most of the time). Wants, which can also be goals, can change from scene to scene. Basic story structure… Learn it, live it, love it. Four (and final), write write write write write. And I don’t necessarily mean put words on a page. You can write your story in your head while you are washing dishes. Characterize, world-build, phrase a first line, while you do laundry. So long as you are thinking about it, keep on doing it. But, of course, don’t forget to ultimately put it on the page.

Characters in the Cosmos

Centauri Meet
Short Story
Dixon Jenner Meet
Dixon Jenner
Galaxy Meet
Granu Meet
Gwylm Baraka Meet
Gwylm Baraka
Kale Meet
Short Story
Lilivan Meet
Morgen Ellis Meet
Morgen Ellis
Rebecca Catherine Meet
Rebecca Catherine
Valerie de-Monte

Ren de Lunya Meet
Ren de Lunya
Short Story
Scarlett Meet
Serafina Meet
Siobhan Meet
Vivian Hawk Meet
Vivian Hawk
Zera Meet

About A. J. Super

A. J. Super Angela earned two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Idaho in the Creative Writing and Theater programs. She was awarded a Scholastic Silver Key for a non-fiction piece in high school and has been writing since she was old enough to write an ABC book, which she still has. She runs the hashtag game #Fri1st every Friday. She currently lives in Kansas with her Art Teacher husband and two cats, and loves to make costumes and cosplay. She is inspired by Ursula LeGuin’s The Dispossessed, Orson Scott Card’s Ender Series, James S. A. Corey’s Leviathan Wakes, the movie Enemy Mine, and devours sci-fi and fantasy. She also works with two critique workshops and an amazing critique partner and frequently gets to read and critique amazing unpublished work.

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