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Take the Kid Gloves Off

One of my beta readers said this to me a few weeks ago, and it’s amazing the impact those five little words have had. She was absolutely one hundred percent right.

As a writer, there are times I’ve looked at a scene and really wanted to get to the rotten core of it, and yet in the back of my mind I’m always thinking: is this really how I want to portray what goes through my twisted mind?

The truth is, the answer was no. I started to see reviews in those few lines, strangers picking apart the inner workings of what I was writing and pinning them on me like sticker labels. So I backed away without realizing it was happening and just highlighted the illusion of something happening.

I was telling a story, not showing the reality.

Yet, when these five words finally hit me across the cheek, you...

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Oh Happy Friday!

Three of my favorite words. Long ago when I worked in an office, Friday meant wrapping up the week, looking forward to more sleep, and two whole days where I could do whatever the hell I wanted.

These days, Friday means no work for three days and I can just watch it pile up in my inbox. I went to the four-day work week when I had my son, a year and a half ago. Best decision I ever made. Now Fridays I get to write, play with my kids, and enjoy a day of rest and relaxation before the weekend starts.

This morning I’m snuggling my coffee, torrential rain is beating against the roof of the house, and Pandora is playing some of my favorite mood-setting music. It’s days like these that I live for, where I can relax, write, and immerse myself in any world that’s light years away from Earth.

Now if...

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Secrets of Sgådnor

Well, it’s official: My manuscript for this story is done, my query is done, and my synopsis is a giant pile of poo. But it’s getting there. 🙂

A HUGE thanks to my critique partners of course, because without them Sgådnor wouldn’t be even close to ready. Time to keep my fingers crossed, change out the banner above for some new inspiration, and start digging into the next book.

So now… onto my next endeavor.

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The Mysteries of Life

Alright, I just have to give a shout out to this guy: Chuck Wendig.

My current manuscript is in the final final stages of fix, edit, cover the holes, etc before I try and shoot this baby across to an agent. It’s been through a beta read, critique partners, and (hopefully) it’s about polished out.

One item of feedback I’ve received is there’s far too much mystery surrounding this story. The reader is frustrated that he hasn’t figured it all out (plot, character motivations, etc) at around the 100 page mark. To be honest, that’s the point, isn’t it?

But, like all first-time novelists, I started to second-guess myself...

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Finding Inspiration

Sometimes all it takes is a quick search, a few lovely images, and suddenly your brain is alive with ideas.

While my stories do come purely from the nether-regions of my brain, I’ll admit there are times where I can see what I’m trying to say in my head, but still need something solid and similar to look at. It helps put into perspective the finer details of what I’m trying to create, as well as see who out in the universe might be thinking along the same parameters.

In this spirit, I’ve decided to use the banner space above to show inspirational imagery from artists around the globe whose work is currently inspiring my own. Please note, any images used will be done so under fair use (i.e. like pointing out to friends something that catches my eye while window shopping)...

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