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Organizing Your Creative Life

I’d love to say that this happens at the beginning of every week right before I dive into a giant pile of <s>leaves</s> work. Nope, not even close. Every morning, as I curl up around my coffee and try to tune out the incessant early morning kid whining (we are not morning people in my house), I have to reorganize my life. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes four, but every day brings new things to do.

A few weeks ago though, I realized that the story ideas were generating again. I had several stuck in my head, not to mention each work in progress was at a different level of completion. So, I created a list of every novel (or idea), where it was at on the completion level, what it was/should be about, and a few other minor details.

Man, talk about a lifesaver...

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Pitches, Bitches!

Okay, probably not the best title to start with, but let’s just move forward, shall we?

Pitches. Like all newer writers (and by new I mean to the actual crafting, not vomiting words), I utterly suck at this. There, I said it. Post over.

Not really.

At least once a week I have an epiphany about my writing. This week’s aha moment came when I started thinking about #PitMad, coming up on 9 June. I have a polished manuscript. I have a synopsis, a query (that I need to rewrite) and a 3-line pitch (that I think may have actually rebuffed an agent). Not intentional, just a poor word choice. So, my apologies.

I’ve been looking at all of these pitch tools wondering what I might be doing wrong. I’ve gathered zero interest from anyone. Zero. Then it hit me – I didn’t actually pitch my story...

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Fantasy World Too Big For the Story

Is this even possible?

Turns out that yes… yes it is.  Recently I’ve dived back into a story I’ve been world building for several years, a Medieval Science Fiction. When I originally set out on the journey for this story, the intent was to have a 5+ book series with several parallels. They were all mapped out in my head, and I just knew the awesome direction each was going to take and how they all tied together.

Bucket of cold water please. >.<

Then I got smart. There’s a reason authors consistently encourage one another to keep writing and evolving, and this is one of those reasons.

The world I built is so huge, that telling a single story will never, ever expose the entire thing...

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The Art of Thinking

Every morning it’s the same dream: I want to wake up, lay in bed till I start to fidget, put on the coffee, shower till there isn’t a drop of hot water left in the state, then curl up with scrivener and a warm cup of coffee to start my day.

The reality: Five-thirty in the morning the baby starts screaming. I usually try to drag him into bed with me so I can lay there a little longer, but he starts to jump, yank on the blinds, or use me as a jungle gym. So I drag myself out of bed, stumbled to the kitchen, where he proceeds to continue whining/screaming till I shove juice in his hands to shut him up...

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Yes, ^that’s a movie title. 🙂

However, these four words got me thinking about what happens to a manuscript after it’s been written, buried in soft peat, and recycled as firelighters. Oops, those last two steps might be what happens later. 😛

When I dive back into a manuscript, I always like to play soldier first. This is where I get to take guns, swords, knives and a whole plethora of weapons and utterly terrorize the plot. Hack and slash, chop and dice. Get your weapons in there and murder the rhythm, blow holes in the story, and smash over the head any character that has no purpose but to exist for more names to add into the hat.

Pull out your sewing kit. This step is where you get to move everything around and restitch the order of events...

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