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New Year’s Resolutions – Yeah, No. Not Really.

Alright, so during no year ever have I sat and reflected on my life, goals, accomplishments, etc. That usually happens throughout the year when I’m focused on a project, or feeling a little bit like I’m in the dumpster fire.

Guess what? Not gonna do it this year either. Instead I’m going to take all the resolutions off this Udemy blog and add “speshul” commentary.

Because, why not? Maybe someone else needs a good laugh today, too. 🙂

1. Finish a chap-stick
I don’t eat ChapStick. <== Psst... correct spelling.

2. Fill up your gas tank all the way
Nope, that’s my husband’s job. Might get run over for that comment.

3. Grow a plant
I have a whole garden growing right now. With cilantro! Yes, I said cilantro. You know who you are.

4. Separate your colors from your whites
My clothes won’t turn pink that way.


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Leveling Up

I’ve been dying to write this post all week, but life has gotten in the way again. #PitchWars was crazy, it was fun, and it’s still going strong. While I didn’t get chosen as a mentee, I learned so many wonderful things and accomplished some personal goals I’d set for myself, and let’s not forget all the amazing people: mentors, mentees, and #PW16RevClub’ers. So, first thing first, yes?

I. Personal Goals: Something every writer should have, and every person. Set goals you can accomplish, and those that are a little out of reach – something to strive for. My goal during all the madness came in two parts: a) get 1 request, and b) get a solid feel for where I’m at as a writer...

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Oh I Love My Fuzzy Monsters

Hi all! 🙂

I got an awesome request this morning to show off my timber wolf baby. Thank you April Benedetti!

So, without further ado, puppy love. 😛

This is Sadie.


Full name: Sadie Elora Harrowick

Age: 7 years old

Born: On Cherokee Ridge Ranch in Washington. They used to have a beautiful website but it’s been down for a few years otherwise I’d be linking them for sure. Sadie’s mama was 70% Arctic Timber, 30% Alaskan Husky and pure white. She was supposed to be paired with a dark gray brindled Malamut, but ended up accidentally pregnant before that. They believe the papa was a golden lab, but aren’t a hundred percent certain.

Only three puppies were born in the litter, two gold females and a black male. At five weeks old Sadie was pushed out of the litter...

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The Author Story: Day 1

Well, I decided on a new project. Not that I have any extra time in my life to do something new, but you might say I had a major reality check yesterday and an epiphany today.

First, I’m an extremely private person. You want to know about the author, I’ll hold up a story or an image of my puppy and hide behind it. My brain is my batcave, and it’s the only one I have. So I’m going to put up some caution tape and say through a megaphone: BACK OFF.


Outwardly, what do people see? I’m not talking about physical looks, I’m talking about my outward appearance, social personality, family, kids, style of dress, hand gestures, articulation… all of it. What is the story of me? (notice I don’t have an author page up? Yeah…)

I don’t like the story of me...

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