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Winterview Partner – Songs Wrote My Story

To celebrate 13 weeks of winter, Hàlön Chronicles will be conducting one interview a week for 13 weeks. We’ve also partnered with additional artists and authors for a few surprises throughout the winter. Join us on the hashtag #13Winterviews, or check out our right-side blog hop for a sneak peek at who’s on the roster in the coming weeks.

Hosted by: K. J. Harrowick

Without further ado, Book Reviewer & Music Therapist: Hilary.

Tell us a little bit about Songs Wrote My Story. What sparked the idea?

I’ve been reading and writing reviews forever. My memory sucks, and writing reviews helped me keep track of what had happened without having to reread the whole book. I’d always kept them in a notebook though, rather than posting them online.

Boredom actually got the site going...

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New Year’s Resolutions – Yeah, No. Not Really.

Alright, so during no year ever have I sat and reflected on my life, goals, accomplishments, etc. That usually happens throughout the year when I’m focused on a project, or feeling a little bit like I’m in the dumpster fire.

Guess what? Not gonna do it this year either. Instead I’m going to take all the resolutions off this Udemy blog and add “speshul” commentary.

Because, why not? Maybe someone else needs a good laugh today, too. 🙂

1. Finish a chap-stick
I don’t eat ChapStick. <== Psst... correct spelling.

2. Fill up your gas tank all the way
Nope, that’s my husband’s job. Might get run over for that comment.

3. Grow a plant
I have a whole garden growing right now. With cilantro! Yes, I said cilantro. You know who you are.

4. Separate your colors from your whites
My clothes won’t turn pink that way.


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Winterviews Start 21 December 2016

So, what is this Winterviews thing, you didn’t ask? Pull up a chair, a cup of coffee, and take a lot of time getting comfortable, because this is likely to be the shortest blog post ever.

Winter + Interviews = Winterviews. <– That’s it.

Yes, that’s right. Haven’t had my coffee yet and I’m already mathing you. 🙂

Starting on 21 December 2016, I’ll be opening a new segment of my blog. For thirteen weeks I’ll be interviewing thirteen talented writers and artists. Their interviews will go up on the blog every Wednesday for the thirteen weeks of winter. If you want to know more about each interviewee, feel free to ask questions in the comments section, or just say hi and show a little love.

So, who’s on the menu for Winterviews 2016?

If you scoot on over to the right ——> you’ll see a section ...

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Ready. Set. Are you ready to race?

The National Novel Writing Month race is on, and now we’re gearing up for a mid-month word sprinting event from the mind of Urban Fantasy Author A.Y.Chao.

Scrivathon is a 24-hour word sprinting event to help fund Syria Relief. To find out more, check out the official #Scrivathon16 page, hang out with Scrivathon writers on the twitter hashtag: #Scrivathon16, or visit Syria Relief.

Want to know more? To learn about word-sprinting and how it helps and encourages writers to git-r-done, I reached out to my nightly sprinting partners: April Benedetti, Bethany Simonsen, and Erin A. Tidwell. Below are their amazing answers.

And don’t forget to check out information on their newest works-in-progress below.

How often do you do word sprints?

April Benedetti: Essentially, every time I sit down t...

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Leveling Up

I’ve been dying to write this post all week, but life has gotten in the way again. #PitchWars was crazy, it was fun, and it’s still going strong. While I didn’t get chosen as a mentee, I learned so many wonderful things and accomplished some personal goals I’d set for myself, and let’s not forget all the amazing people: mentors, mentees, and #PW16RevClub’ers. So, first thing first, yes?

I. Personal Goals: Something every writer should have, and every person. Set goals you can accomplish, and those that are a little out of reach – something to strive for. My goal during all the madness came in two parts: a) get 1 request, and b) get a solid feel for where I’m at as a writer...

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