Title: Bloodflower
Genre: Adult Medieval Science Fiction
Length: 105K+ words
Status: Completed & Semi-Polished


Jàden’s final exams will determine her entrance into the Bioengineering Guild, but when her magical link to the Violet Flame—a universal etheric energy—is exposed, she must flee her home and everyone she loves or risk a death sentence by Hàlön’s Enforcers. When she and her boyfriend, Commander Jason Kale, attempt to escape, Jàden’s abducted by a Tracker named Frank Kale: her boyfriend’s father. For two years she’s starved and tortured, then put into hypersleep.

For four thousand years her body sleeps, but her mind is awake and alive.

When a gunshot shatters her hypersleep chamber, Jàden awakens to a world of swords and sorcery where women are subservient to men. Now she’s on the run to escape the northern armies, and searching for the reincarnated Commander Kale. After using her powers to protect her own life, it awakens her old captors from hypersleep, and they are hunting her again. This time to wield her power against an encroaching empire.

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