Blood & Fire, Ash & Bone

Title: Blood & Fire, Ash & Bone
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Length: 95,000 words
Status: Complete & Polished


Kinra Hallisett is a runaway servant intent on finding her missing son, who’s trapped inside a fortress city she can’t break into. To gain passage, she’s made a deal with the eastern city’s ruling tyrant: kill the king of the western throne. When her mission backfires, she becomes imprisoned by the king she’s ordered to kill. If Kinra can’t escape, she’ll lose her son, and potentially her life.

King Darian Mardkin will do anything to protect the citizens under his rule, but war is coming and someone is subverting his every move. When an assassin is sent to end his life, he uncovers his brother’s plot to reclaim the western throne and destroy Kinra, the one woman whose unique bloodline could save his city. If Darian can’t get Kinra to ally herself with him, his beloved citizens will be subjugated under the rule of his tyrant brother.

Trapped in King Darian’s city and searching for escape, Kinra learns that the tyrant who sent her to kill King Darian is his brother, and he’s abducted her son. Now, the eastern armies have declared war against the western city. But Kinra’s prejudices toward men and Darian’s need to control everything cause them to clash at every turn. If they can’t learn to work together, they risk the destruction of the west, and all the kingdoms in Arånor.