Blood & Fire, Ash & Bone

Title: Blood & Fire, Ash & Bone
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Length: 107,000 words
Status: Complete & Polished


Kinra’s pissed her plans just got thwarted. Tired of the scars on her body and her uncle’s abuse, she stayed with him as a servant to protect her secret: a two-year-old son hidden where no one can find him. With the existence of her son about to be exposed, she’s on her way out the door and oblivious to the dragon fire in her blood, the key to creating magic if she bonds with a dragon. But her uncle knows, and he’s one step ahead, sending her as a gift to the ruler of the western kingdoms, King Darian Mardkin, before her feet hit the road. Now she’s even angrier and must break free of the fortress city, traverse a thousand miles of wasteland, and reunite with her son to keep him safe.

Years after his family’s death, King Darian Mardkin has succumbed to loneliness and a taste for Tarthan Brandy. The weight of his duty leaves little time for anything but protecting his kingdom. When he discovers his older brother—heir to the throne—is still alive and hunting a woman with dragon fire in her blood, Darian helps smuggle her into his city and subvert his brother’s plans. But Kinra’s explosive anger and repeated escapes have him tied up in knots, and there isn’t enough brandy in the kingdom to dull his headache. When his brother’s army attacks the city, there’s little hope of survival for him, Kinra, or the people under his rule. Now he’s falling for her, and the only way to protect Kinra may be to abandon the city to its fate.

But Kinra’s not having it, and her temper clashes at every turn with Darian’s need for control. Before she flees the western stronghold, Darian reveals the mountainous dragon wall secretly holds back an ocean capable of drowning the realm. Darian’s brother and his army want to tear it down, and they’ve abducted Kinra’s son. When the invading army surrounds the city, there’s no chance of escape. Kinra and Darian form a tenuous alliance, and the united pair must find a way to work together to save the kingdom if they’re going to rescue her son.