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Self-Editing Your Novel

National Novel Writing Month is coming to an end, and that means it’s time to take all those words and add a little magic. December is editing month, and also a time when many literary agencies are closing their query boxes for the year to enjoy the holidays. Some writers are polishing their virtual knives and preparing for editing season. Others may be shelving that story for a few weeks in the spirit of a little self care. Still others may be looking at an unpolished pile of vomited words thinking now what?

Well, now the real work begins.

It’s also when the real fun starts. Now you get to bring that black and white drawing of a story to life by adding color, depth and composition...

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Ready. Set. Are you ready to race?

The National Novel Writing Month race is on, and now we’re gearing up for a mid-month word sprinting event from the mind of Urban Fantasy Author A.Y.Chao.

Scrivathon is a 24-hour word sprinting event to help fund Syria Relief. To find out more, check out the official #Scrivathon16 page, hang out with Scrivathon writers on the twitter hashtag: #Scrivathon16, or visit Syria Relief.

Want to know more? To learn about word-sprinting and how it helps and encourages writers to git-r-done, I reached out to my nightly sprinting partners: April Benedetti, Bethany Simonsen, and Erin A. Tidwell. Below are their amazing answers.

And don’t forget to check out information on their newest works-in-progress below.

How often do you do word sprints?

April Benedetti: Essentially, every time I sit down t...

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