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The Day I Became a Writer

If you hang around writers long enough, you start to pick up on some of the milestone moments that happen on their journey. Things like finishing your first novel, the first time you wrote something that got published, or the first time you get that daunting edit letter from a critique partner and cry into your morning coffee (or evening wine). They’re milestones every writer goes through, and the person that comes out on the other side of those milestones is stronger, smarter, and a teensy bit more aware of who they really are underneath all the smiles and ink stains.

But there’s another milestone that’s more personal to each writer. It’s when you’re working on a project and it suddenly dawns on you: oh damn, I am a writer. Then you ask yourself: when did this happen?

When I was a child, ...

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Standing At The Crossroads

A crossroads can be a tricky place. Which way do you go? What if one path is blocked? Do you have a plan?

Before I set out on my PitchWars adventure, I had a plan. I knew what I wanted, where I wanted to go, and what personal goals needed to be accomplished. For the most part this plan has worked out, a few goals were accomplished, and I even landed  in a few surprises along the way.

With the list reveal only days away, I find myself standing at a crossroads now. And guess what? I have a plan. Okay, I have many plans.

  • What happens if I get chosen as a mentee? That one’s easy. I squeal in excitement, read my edit letter, go through whatever feels I need after reading, and then get to work on my submission piece, Secrets of Sgådnor...
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Building a Fantasy Universe

Building a fantasy universe is one of my favorite aspects of writing a novel, and today I realized I need to go on a date with that love again. It’s hard work, time-consuming, but when the pieces start coming together you can almost feel like that universe might exist somewhere beyond our own. Let’s hope so, because the next few lives I might want to jump into my characters’ skin. I digress…

If you look at the rotating banners above, each of the three represents a different universe in my arsenal. Though, to be fair, Outsider has the potential to slip into the Timekeeper universe. For several years I’ve lived and breathed in both the Hàlön and Timekeeper worlds. I love them both and never want to leave, but do I stay there if the tales in each aren’t garnering any interest?

The answer is...

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A Writer’s Path

… is not an easy thing to define. Each time I believe I’m closer to an answer, my direction changes. Or maybe the rules change. And sometimes, I’m just not where I thought I was. Someone find me a map, please.

It seems odd to say, but I started my writing path fifteen years ago. Back then my life was falling apart at every turn. No matter which direction I took, disaster was soon to follow. To keep myself somewhat sane, I started learning Elvish. And yes… nerd alert... I’m talking Tolkien’s elvish languages. I even still have a subscription to Vinyar Tengwar. I was also *gasp* learning D’ni, the Myst language.

During this time I discovered that several of us had a particular love for the Wheel of Time series and we decided to start an RPG site. <sigh> Disaster… that is all...

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