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All Hail the Critique Partner

If you’re a writer and you don’t have one… stop.

Go right now (before you touch that cup of coffee) and find a critique partner… or twelve. It can be a nerve-wracking thing to put your work out there for someone else to see.

Not just read, but have an opinion about.

Gather your courage and know that there’s an evolution to all writing which can only happen outside of ourselves. Here are a few reasons why I recommend at least three critique partners.

I. Our Knowledge is Limited. When I first took the plunge to get random ideas out of my head and on paper, I was struck by how difficult this was. During that time I was in college, a single mother, working, and barely surviving. I mean barely. The only thing I had going was the ambition to make a better life for me and that little girl...

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Pimp My MCs Bio – PitchWars 2016

My name is Kinra.

I’ve been sold, tortured and mutilated. Now I’m hunted by a vicious man, Evran Dunrok, who’s just purchased me from my uncle.

But I have a secret: a son. He’s nearly two now. The first time I held him, just minutes after he was born, was also the last.  He was taken away, but the glowing crescent on my wrist tells me he’s still alive alive. If Evran discovers his whereabouts, we’re both dead.

Physical Description: I’m average height and build, with red hair and green eyes. Nothing special whatsoever. Scars cover almost thirty percent of my body. The ones around my wrists and ankles are the same color as my skin, bronze...

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Don’t Beg & Bully, Engage Your Audience

As I slowly weave my way into the writing world, the biggest thing that stands out to me is the marketing. Truth, it’s a minefield out there and in the modern, digital age it’s even tougher to take your story, hold it up high, and have anyone notice you’re there.

Go to the grocery store and stand in line. I dare you to look in any direction and not be assaulted by advertisements. Yes, assaulted. It’s why half the time I get my groceries delivered. But I digress…

Be the solution. Don’t assault your audience, engage them.

Keep it simple. Remember the 90s when every advertiser was screaming at you from a web page? Banners flashed neon pinks and yellows, marching ants paraded around the border. Don’t be that guy. Seriously, stop trying to blind everyone.

There’s a trend happening in advertisin...

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Oh I Love My Fuzzy Monsters

Hi all! 🙂

I got an awesome request this morning to show off my timber wolf baby. Thank you April Benedetti!

So, without further ado, puppy love. 😛

This is Sadie.


Full name: Sadie Elora Harrowick

Age: 7 years old

Born: On Cherokee Ridge Ranch in Washington. They used to have a beautiful website but it’s been down for a few years otherwise I’d be linking them for sure. Sadie’s mama was 70% Arctic Timber, 30% Alaskan Husky and pure white. She was supposed to be paired with a dark gray brindled Malamut, but ended up accidentally pregnant before that. They believe the papa was a golden lab, but aren’t a hundred percent certain.

Only three puppies were born in the litter, two gold females and a black male. At five weeks old Sadie was pushed out of the litter...

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#PitchWars 2016 Victim: K.J. Harrowick

Did I say victim? I really meant victim.

Huge thanks to Lana Pattinson for starting the blog hop, and of course Brenda Drake for all her hard work putting #PitchWars together. Another giant thank you to all the mentors for doing this. I can’t tell you how much it means.

#PitchWars Entry: Secrets of Sgådnor


The love of my life with books and writing is Fantasy and Science Fiction. Beautifully crafted worlds and languages get me every time, especially when I want to kick the characters out of the book and dive in myself. Whether it’s beautiful forest lands with sword and sorcery, or welded steel careening through the cold of space, any well-constructed world that makes me forget Earth exists is my cup of tea.

Buuuuut… there has to be darkness...

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