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Oh Happy Friday!

Three of my favorite words. Long ago when I worked in an office, Friday meant wrapping up the week, looking forward to more sleep, and two whole days where I could do whatever the hell I wanted.

These days, Friday means no work for three days and I can just watch it pile up in my inbox. I went to the four-day work week when I had my son, a year and a half ago. Best decision I ever made. Now Fridays I get to write, play with my kids, and enjoy a day of rest and relaxation before the weekend starts.

This morning I’m snuggling my coffee, torrential rain is beating against the roof of the house, and Pandora is playing some of my favorite mood-setting music. It’s days like these that I live for, where I can relax, write, and immerse myself in any world that’s light years away from Earth.

Now if...

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