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Pacing a Novel

Ever been in the rewrite phase of your novel and think “who would ever read this shit” while you bang your head repeatedly on your desk?

^Me… right now.

Over the course of the last several years I’ve discovered that my writing (when I’m laying down the first pass) has a couple major flaws:

  1. I’m a repeating Randy. Yes, I admit it. I just drop words and have a horrible knack of using the same ones over and over – sometimes even in the same sentence.
  2. I get bored writing my own scenes (even if they’re necessary). At that point I stop, write a couple notes, then go “skip!”
  3. I absolutely suck at pacing.

The first two I can live with since everything gets rewritten anyways. The last? Not so much. So many stories I’ve read in the past fall down on this issue so I know I’m not alone. *cough*(Sp...

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